Speed Pass Unlimited Wash Clubs

  • Unlimited Washes–  Monthly club members may wash their designated vehicle as often as once a day during the life of the membership.
  • Manager’s Special Club-  $40.00 a month and includes our Triple Polish, Underbody Rinse, Rim Clean, Bug Prep, Hot Wax and Shine, and Rain Repellent.  
  • Tidal Wave Club- $35.00 a month and includes Triple Polish, Rim Clean, Underbody Rinse, and Bug Prep
  • Tsunami Shine- $30.00 a month and includes Hot Wax, Underbody Wash, Spot Free Rinse, Bug Prep, and Rain Repellent
  • High Tide Club- $20.00 a month and includes Underbody Wash, Rain Repellent, and Triple Conditioning WashSpeedPassNew

Memberships may be paid either in cash or by automatic draft from a credit or debit card.  Ring for assistance and ask an attendant for the membership form when you pull up to the pay station.

Each member receives an RFID sticker which is placed on the inside windshield on the driver’s side.  Once your membership is activated the sticker will be read as you pull up to the pay station.  The arm will lift and you can pull through to the car wash.  Members can skip the line by using the right lane each time they come to wash their vehicle.